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hugo_challenge's Journal

Hugo Weaving Icon Challenge
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Hugo Weaving Icon Challenge

[ Welcome ]
Welcome to hugo_challenge the first icon challenge dedicated to the very talented Australian actor Hugo Weaving who has starred in Little Fish, Road to Alice, V for Vendetta, The Matrix Trilogies and Proof, to name but a few.

Everyone is welcome to join, wheter your a first-time icon-maker or a seasoned icon-artist, it's mostly about having fun and getting creative - so please spread the word about hugo_challenge!

The first challenge will be posted as soon as we have five members.
[ Rules/Entry Guidelines ]
[001] You must be a member to participate in the challenges.

[002] Challenges will be posted on Monday and entries will be accepted until Friday @ Midnight - GMT. [To see the current time in GMT, click here.] The poll will be posted shortly after the deadline.
Winners will be announced on Monday along with the banners and the new challenge.

[003] You may enter up to 3 icons per challenge.

[004] All icons must be within LJ limits: Under 40kb in size and 100x100 (pixels) maximum in dimension. Your file format must be either PNG, GIF or JPG.

[005] Icons may have various text, blends, textures, gradients, brushes, borders, etc. unless specified otherwise in the challenge post.

[006] Do not post your icon anywhere until the challenge voting has ended and the winners have been announced. You must make a new icon for the challenge.

[007] Please keep your voting honest! Do not ask your friends to vote for your icons. Also, please do not vote for yourself.

[008] Submit your icon(s) as a comment to the current challenge post. Comment with both the image itself and the url.

To provide anonymity, these comments will be screened.

After the challenge is over and the results are posted, the challenge post will be unscreened for you to snag&credit any icons you liked.

[009] Mods are allowed to enter the challenges. As all entries are anonymous they have no advantage whatsoever over other participants.
[ Affiliates ]
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If you want to be an affiliate, leave me a comment HERE and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!
[ Misc. Credits ]
Header: liten_sam
Header Pictures: HugoWeaving @ RandomScribblings.net
Layout Stylesheet: refuted
Icon used for submission demo:liten_sam
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide